If you’re planning to throw a party soon, or just want to give your tabletop some extra pep, these simple tips will show you how. Learn about how certain colors can be used to make a dinner look casual or fancy. Get tips on how to add a handmade touch in seconds. You’ll find that a couple changes here and there can give your table setting the completed look you were hoping for.
Use linens, like napkins and small bowls on the table to add accents of color. Hints of color can add a dramatic look to the table. Remember that a little can go a long way with this.
When you’re setting the table, keep in mind that you want to make it feel inviting and comfortable for your guests. This can help everyone relax and have a great time. In order to create a cozy atmosphere, consider using rustic elements like wood slices for trivets and woven placemats.
Bring a handmade touch onto the table by making your own table runner or decorating your vases with burlap and twine. Incorporate nature with pinecones in the fall and winter, and rosemary sprigs for the spring and summer.
Instead of having one full centerpiece, consider breaking up your bouquets to reach the length of the table. Another way to do this is by setting out small potted succulents.
Pick out plates that can be versatile and used for any occasion. If you prefer prints and patterns, find one that you know you will love and always complement a good meal.
If you’re going to bring in several different patterns keep a similar color theme to bring it all together. If it’s all too busy it can feel a little overwhelming. Patterns are great for summer dinners and BBQs.
When you’re setting the table, try to keep the same distance between all the utensils, bowls, cups, plates, and napkins. This simple change will make the whole table look more uniform.
When you are setting the table look at all the pieces you’ve incorporated. If you have a couple bold pieces, like a large pitcher and vase, consider going for thinner plates and utensils to balance it out.
Reds tend to be for more casual dinners, while blue is for more formal.
Mood boards aren’t always what you think of when you’re setting the table, but it can definitely help you create the mood or style you want to convey. Think about small details that will make a big difference, like a bouquet of lavenders and a baguette to complete a for a French, rustic table.

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