The Amazing Marriage of Architecture with Lego. The combination between architecture with Lego, in fact, it is not something new. Many crafty people with their creative mind can let those colorful bricks to appear in different level. Not to mention, when it comes to Lego this plastic brick brings a kind of emotional childhood memory so, then, even though in the very first time this plastic brick is meant for kids, unavoidable, this one still shows its popularity toward adults. Together with the ups and downs of Lego in 2008, Lego manufacturer brings such architecture theme that lets Lego appears in another level.

In fact, the architecture theme is inspired by famous architecture building on earth like the Empire State Building, The White House, and Big Ben and many more on the way to encourage people, mostly children around 12 years old above to once again fall in love with this plastic brick. Oh, unlike the old Lego which appear with distinctive colorful shades for each package? Since the mixture of architecture with Lego, you may find that the color is more neutral, or it represents the building. As a gaming set, Lego is a typical educational game which lets young children to be more creative.

It can develop the way they think and how to solve problem. So then, if you are parents, considering this game play moreover, if your children love be the future architect is a wise thing to do. Anyway, for those who love to bring their childhood memory or for parents who love to let their children to have the kind of game play, which is very helpful for their development stage, this one is something to consider. Nevertheless, beside its current iconic building design, somehow in the future, this manufacturer will produce more intricate design. For those who are interested, once package for Lego architecture, you can buy it started from $19.99 to $129, 00 and can be higher depending on the combination for its design of architecture with Lego.

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