7 hot things we found at the 2015 international builders show are indeed hot. At International Builders Show that be held annually, you will find the hottest trend in home design, especially in two spaces which work the hardest at any home; that is kitchen and bathroom. Being here, it is more than just a display you will get. There, will that oh feeling and for sure, inspirations. Between so many displays of bathroom and kitchen models since there are about 1.300 exhibitors, it is somehow a quite thing to choose which one is your favourite. Yet, here you have the best 7 hottest to be your most recommended to check up.

Some part of 7 hottest things here are more than just a beauty. They incorporate the most recent modern technology that has been innovated to nothing but your simpler and easier life. Take a look at, for example, Kwikset from Kevo. They really know how to unlock really quickly. With them, there may no more need to always bring your key anywhere. Or, if you do still bring your key with you anywhere you go, you will probably not using them as long as smart phone with Bluetooth technology is in your hands. In 7 hot things we found at the 2015 international builders show, you will also find those innovations you may have been always searching for; the door levers that are disable friendly and operating more than just an entry tool.

If there were only technology, this International Builders Show will not be too much a design parade. Get also inspirations of designs with the ‘looks like brick’ innovation, and also the ideas of not using either black or white at your home. There are some of the hottest things, now happily searching for the other 7 hot things we found at the 2015 international builders show.

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