If you are thinking about revamping your living room area, then you must consider the area as a whole. First of all you need to set the tone of your living room and design the interior appropriately. A formal outlook will be created by the addition of a fireplace or a TV cabinet. A great feeling would emanate if your room design is accompanied with stylish bookshelves, chest of drawers, a writing desk, or just enough empty space so that the family members can spend time with each other. The room must possess good quality furnishings such as curtains, carpets, electrical fixtures and decorative pieces like paintings, picture frames, wall hangings and many others.

To give a sophisticated outlook, your room can include armchairs, wooden bookshelves, sofas and a smart coffee table. Otherwise, if you want a simple look, the living room can include a stylish TV cabinet, sofas, an area where you can play video games.

Ideas to remodel your living room
If you wish to change the appearance of your living room, try using bright colors which serve as a cheerful but balanced background. When decorating your space, don’t be afraid of bright colors, but don’t go overboard either. Your room should include a comfortable sofa set, ottomans, armchairs and should be adorned with accessories such as carpets, cushions, table lamps, small lights on the ceiling and many others. A colorful picture frame, wall hanging or a brilliant piece of artwork will add color to the room. The walls should be conforming to the current trends.

A combination of various colors and themes give a bright look to your living room. The windows adorned with stylish curtains and a small potted flower would add a unique fragrance to the room as well.


To give your room a whole new and a different look, you may also choose to adopt Greek Architecture designs in your room. Greek Architecture is known for its bold symmetrical shapes, low pitched pedimented gables, tall windows, entry porch with columns, decorative pilasters and narrow windows around the front door.
To give your living room a greek architecture look, you may go for simple wall surfaces, giving attention to surfaces, with plain plastered points. The interiors used in Greek Architecure are basically bold tagged with heavy furniture, as well as bold and heavy doorways, windows, fireplaces and centerpieces.

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