Small modern house designs are perfect to decorate a small house with a sophisticated look. Who says that small house cannot look luxury? You do not need to worry anymore if you have a house with small space, because not only a big house that can be decorated in modern style, but also your small house does. Actually, to decorate a house in modern design does not require any large furniture and house equipment. Besides, you can furnish it with some sophisticated and modern stuffs that nowadays are available in economical size. Moreover, there are many of other decorations for your small house that can make it more fabulous and of course should create a comfortable and convenient space.

The modern designs usually apply minimalist decorations, or even some of them come in futuristic theme. To decorate a small house in modern design, you can choose some furniture in a simple curve. Moreover, small modern house designs are also available in simple touch of neutral and bright color like black, white and gray. Now, this is some ideas to design your living room. To provide a fireplace is perfect choice to enhance the room decor. For the modern room design, you can choose the fireplace in modern system too. The electric or smokeless ones are a great option. Besides, they have smaller size than the traditional one made in wood or stone. So, it is really perfect for the room with small space.

Furthermore, beside the fireplace, you can choose the other furniture that is made in sophisticated design, and of course should have multifunction to save the space. If you have a small house, you must be creative in finding some decorations that can offer many functions. Like the modern fireplace nowadays that can be a TV seat and cabinet or shelf too. Then, the other small modern house designs for living rooms is to decorate this room with a sophisticated ottoman coffee table. This is not like the other coffee table that is used only as room decoration, it also is a comfortable place for your feet. The cushy table topper that is covered by clothes or leather might be a perfect footstool. Besides, the shelf under the table can be used as a place for a magazine or newspaper.

Moreover, after decorating your living room, maybe you can find out how to choose small modern house designs for your dining room. Because of your table has not enough space to build a dining room in full set, you might provide it attached to the kitchen. However, it still can be look chic by choosing a tulip dining table to decorate the room. This table is perfect as part of room décor that applies modern style. The clear curve on the table is really simple, and it is fit to your room design. Then, it is suitable for decorating a small room, because a table, tulip is created in not too big size, so it can save the space. Therefore, small modern house designs are needed to make your small house look great.

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