Having the secret rooms can be considered as a need for some people. Meanwhile, some others consider this kind of room just for fun. Some people who use this kind of room for need usually are the type of important people such as the Presidents and similar people. However, you do not need to be a President just to have this kind of room in your house. You can just use this kind of room for your own fun or your kids. However, when you want to have this kind of room in your house, you might want to find some sections in your dream house so that no one will notice your room.

To find the best section in your house to build the secret rooms, the first thing that you need to do is to consider the size of the room. If you want to have the small room, you can simply use the closet or the stair as the entrance to your room. For the closer, you can have the kind of closet that shows the inside part of the closet so that no one will notice what they can find behind the closet. Closet with no door or glass material is the best for this kind of purpose.  For the stair, you just need to have the under-the-stairs room. However, the space under the stair might be a little bit small for this kind of room based on the size of the stairs that you have. Harry Potter’s room is one example of the secret rooms that you can have under the stairs.

If you are looking for a bigger room, then the best place to build one is next to your bedroom. This is the best place because people will rarely enter someone’s bedroom without permission, only the family members will usually do. Therefore, the bedroom is the best section to build one. From the entrance, you can use the shelf or even bigger size dresser. You can use the sliding shelf as the cover to the door leading to the room that you hide in your bedroom. If you think that this way is a little bit complicated, then you just need to use the big dresser in your bedroom without having to slide the dresser to enter the secret rooms. For your information, many big size dressers have the area to hang your clothes. This is the best spot that you can use for the entrance. You just need to have a kind of small door that will let you enter the room. This might be a little bit small but it is one cheap thing to have.

For your additional information, basically it does not matter where you want to have this kind of room. The main thing that you need to consider is that the room that you want to have is hidden. Therefore, you might want to find some other sections in your house where you can hide and build your own secret rooms.

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