Large country house design, fit if you choose to create a vacation home in the countryside. Aside from the bustle of the city can be an option for those who want to refresh the mind and soul. You can create a home in the countryside with the feel of the country. Although located in a green area of rural, country-style residential architecture in the style of America also remain capable of storing interior design beautiful rustic style. Country style is the one that is popular with typical use floral fabric in bright colors. The floor is composed of old wood or bricks are closed carpet of natural materials such as sisal or stitching.

Large country houses architecture with colored wood materials balanced with well laid out interior design with a similar color palette to make the occupancy impressed homey and comfortable country to gather together the whole family. Maybe in your mind is the concept of home-style country house in the most remote areas of Europe and America, actually the architectural style country house is a house that reflects the rural atmosphere close to nature, and nature has a very big role in the design of country houses. It could also be said of this country-style home is a home that is very close to nature as possible so it contains elements of house with a friendly nature.

There are three main elements are applied to the large country houses, the lighting element, air element, and the element of raw materials to build the house. Lighting in the country-style homes in natural light comes in the form of sunlight. Air circulations also rely on natural air circulation. While for the raw materials, generally made from the wood. Only a few uses of other materials because of the dominance of building materials are wood.

Large country house style adopts more natural colors, such as yellow-brown so the impression that emerges is warmth. But, it is not uncommon for people to apply the original color of the natural material used are the color of stone and wood, but it is also green leaves. So, to create a country-style home design, you can play using paint colors are typical and widely used in this design. To suggest a thick, mix with elements of nature or natural materials to elements of the house, such as wood or natural stone. By doing so, the feel of a country that is close to nature can be created. To complete the warm atmosphere in the house, the fireplace was also included in the home decor.

Excess large country houses are the impression that that is beautiful, warm, and homey. While the downside is, it takes a high cost to apply the style. Therefore, the current price of natural materials, such as ornamental stones and wood is more expensive. In addition, comparison of the wood supply to consumer demand is also very much and tend to be unbalanced. However, a different condition if the use of wood is replaced by bamboo. The cost to build a large country house involved would be reduced and production is relatively cheaper.

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