The shipping container homes plan is surely one thing that you will need when you want to use the container for your living. For your information, the expensive price for building a house is becoming a factor that makes many people look for the alternative of building their house. From one of those is the container. For your information, more and more people are using some big containers to build their home. As an addition, this kind of house is considerably cheaper and some people also consider living in the container homes is unique.

If you also think about the same thing, then you might want to consider having some containers for your house. Even though you can use one container for the shipping container homes, it will be better if you use some containers to build your house. Therefore, you will have more space for more rooms. As an addition, you can even have the two story house concept if you use more than three containers for your house. If you want, you can try some examples below just for your consideration. Who knows that you might change your mind about living in a nice looking container?

The first concept is suing three containers in total. The first thing that you need to do is to put those two containers next to each other in a lengthened position. Let us tell them as container one and two. Next, you need one additional container to be put next to half of container one and half of the container too. Therefore, you will have the shipping container homes with the T letter position. However, you need to put them all on the same lengthened position. Let us say the new container as containing three. The container one and two are functioned for the bedrooms and bathroom. Meanwhile, container three is for the kitchen, the dining room, and also the living room.

From the start, you can set some spaces for the bathroom inside contains one, so that you will have a container of a bedroom and a bathroom. On containertoo, you need to do the same, but you will not need to worry about the bathroom. Since the containers are joined, so that you will have one bathroom for two bedrooms in this shipping container homes plan. The second container is in the master bedroom and first container is in the guest’s room. Next to the third container, you can use one side of the container for the living room and the other side inthe kitchen and the dining room. However, you must not forget the door to the bathroom so that you can access it without entering the bedroom first. Since you are using the container, then you might want to simplify everything inside. A sofa for three is enough for the living room. Some basic appliances for the kitchen and small table with four chairs are enough for the kitchen and the dining room. After that, you will officially have the shipping container homes.

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