The most favorite room space for family member must be bedroom, since in this room they can relax and rest in comfort and private. Moreover, this area also is also used to do another private activity, such as cuddling the entertainment time, finishing the half or work in the night. Therefore, this area must be decorated in proper way. For those of you, whether man or women, there you go some recommendations of bedroom decorating ideas you can apply in your private room. in this article we are going to show you each decoration style for man and woman, since they have different characteristic in holding the decoration.

Basically, man and woman have different taste and characteristic in designing the bedroom. The decoration is usually set based on favorite color or anything they like they will apply inside. Woman room is close to something girly with bright color to show the femininity and cheerfulness of her characteristic, such as pink, purple, yellow or red. Man prefers to show dark color to show the strength and masculinity, such as black, grey, dark brown or even white out of dark color to show the simplicity of man. There you go some decoration styles you can follow here. First bedroom decorating ideas for young woman that can be copied is lovely white and purple. This room is so lovely with wall color combination of purple and white. The floor is covered with large white carpet and cover with purple fur rug as the point of view. The furniture is also made in white classic to show the femininity. The bedframe, drawers and vanity are made in white with carving line style. To add focus center area in the bedroom, there will be impressive with crystal chandelier as lighting tool and decorative element on the ceiling.

The other beautiful bedroom decorating ideas for a woman is that chic decoration style with gold brown and white. This decoration style makes a bedroom glows with the bright color of yellow. The decoration is focused on the furniture which has gold brown finished and the window treatment which attach with gold curtain. Meanwhile, the white color is attached on the walling area and mattress cover. The flooring area is attached with sleek gold brown ceramic tile.

Further, for man bedroom decoration style is focused on minimalist touch with dark color to show the simplicity of masculine identity. One of best bedroom decorating ideas is that black and grey bedroom style. The wall is attached with grey color to show shade impression, while the furniture is displayed in black color of wood and metal material manufacture. To add lighter, this room is displayed with window picture to get light natural supply from the sun in order to make the room warm and bright in a same time. The other idea is that black, white and dark purple color combination. Is that any problem with dark purple for man? This is new innovation for minimalist decoration, but the dominant color is still black for the wall and white for the furniture, while dark purple is attached on a bit spot, such as rug and pillow accessories.

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