Trends of color change every year. For those of you who want to build a house or want to renovate your home by following home decorating colors 2014, have you know what is home decorating colors 2014?

A reputable property company at the World Architecture Festival 2013 “Akzonobel” mentions that the “teal” colors will be the home decorating colors 2014 trend. You are not familiar with the teal color? This color is the result of a combination of green and blue colors. With an attractive color combination then produces attractive colors as well. The resulting color is teal color shade, unique and different. Impression of color, it showed that he wanted to explore the potential that exists in every corner of the room. Of the potential range of colors will appear different inspiration for your dream home. Teal also gives the impression that he wanted to highlight something that is a balanced, flexible and graceful.

Then how to apply it? You can paint the walls home with this color. I am sure will help you create a broad accent for your home. You can also apply this color to the wood or metal furniture.

By knowing the home decorating colors 2014 trend, I ‘m sure will add your reference. Make sure you have a clear concept for your home. With a mature concept and paint the house with the right colors, I ‘m sure your dream home will be more comfortable and beautiful.

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