Home decoration kitchen – Kitchen is the main part in the house, especially a place to process food. Automatically, the kitchen should be clean at all times.

Sometimes, to clean up the kitchen certainly make you very lazy. Especially in the kitchen so many elements that have to be cleaned, but if ignored it will make bacteria lodged in your kitchen.

Now there is an easy way of home decoration kitchen properly :

1. Clean the sink

Try to always keep the sink is always clean, to clean a lot of ways you can do. Make it continues shiny sink

2.     Optimize space under the sink

The bottom of the sink so often nest of bacteria, but can be utilized to store a variety of other cooking equipment and thus can avoid the mess in the kitchen.

3.     Set a kitchen drawer

To save time during cooking, you can save cooking tools are in the right place and easily accessible. One was a kitchen drawer.

4.     Allow plenty of room for home decoration kitchen

In restructuring will clean the kitchen, then make a lot of space in the kitchen so it will be easier in the process of saving kitchen appliances. When you want to use, then you do not bother looking for it.

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