Planalto House Design by Flavio Castro. The clear way of appropriation of the {800} square meters designed for the establishment of your home (20x40m) is quite clear. A couple of large perpendiculars volumes indicate the territory and also categorize the makes use of and functions of other parts of the land.

An oblong prism, perpendicular to the avenue, contains the intimate top features of the house on the top floor, occupying simply half of the terrain and releasing one other half for adventure and landscaping. In the role of a support and concentrated only on the principal floor, another square prism, but in different size, contains the service and also social functions of the Planalto House Design.

The upper volume generally seems to rest on the principal floor, which produces a series of statements in which reinforce the executive propose. Main flooring and upper flooring are implanted orthogonally. Specifically on this single point regarding contact, there is the top to bottom connection between them.

The particular Planalto House Design metal beams about the edge of the volume simultaneous to the street, enhance the idea of independence involving the volumes and uncover the structural operating of the house. The dwelling has a mixed construction of pillars and also metal “I” beams and big slabs of tangible with 20 centimeters thickness.

The main accessibility platform, located beneath the front overhang on the principal floor, provides accessibility to the corridor 1.70 m wide working through the house, linking various environments. Right after passing through the services area, we arrive at the point of access to a couple of key areas: the particular social rooms (such as an indoor pavilion) and the barbeque area (recreation). We might consider them since areas, although outlined, diffuse it provides a group of possible uses as well as which they were designed. Please check out the Planalto House Design photo gallery below.

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