Flip Flop House Design by Dan Brunn. The Flip Flop dwelling plays with a a feeling of duality on multiple layout levels. Acting as a great architectural chameleon, the energetic house is malleable for the clients’ ongoing needs, permitting them to display their fine art collection while at the same time embracing the travelling across vistas of Venice seashore.

The Flip Flop House Design conceptualization began by maps the neighboring properties and carefully delving to the client’s daily routines. Any distinguished couple inside the city’s art and enjoyment scene, the consumers live and come together and share a standard passion for photography. In addition they own an impressive variety of digital art pieces which they longed to show off while still maintaining the lot’s expansive marine views. Many properties in Venice are designed to improve beachfront accessibility and possess little interaction with all the neighborhood’s active pedestrian sites.

In designing the Flip Flop House Design, there was clearly a need to employ the particular couple’s art pieces as a method to communicate with the surrounding local community. Thus, certain elements of design that are usually constrained solely to their physical functions are reincarnated directly into display devices. The particular adjustable nature with the third story’s rotating wall space allows the façade to mutate, both revealing or covering artwork. As well as providing dramatic beach opinions, these walls determine a flowing proportion; they easily swing action open to divulge a superbly aligned view together with surrounding palm trees.

Composed of a coolly minimalist style, the façade of this exclusive residence is discreetly deceptive in its overview and dominates your website with protruding and also retracting floors and also ceilings. The blocking of the interior copy of the Flip Flop House Design with an considerable system of diaphanous double glazing enhances the optical false impression via a visual press and pull, which ensures you keep the viewer betting as to how the wall space and slabs are usually supported. The massive overhangs not merely facilitate ample out of doors balconies, but also appear together continuous surface flattened in on alone.

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