Alaloum Board Game Cafe Design by Triopton Architects. Alaloum Board Game Cafe is situated in Nea Filadelfeia, a suburb in n . east of Athens, and also addresses board game fans. According to Triopton ?rchitects, “the very certain function of board game playing inspires and establishes the design concept.”

The Alaloum Board Game Cafe will be developed in two degrees of total space regarding 160 sq.meters. The concept behind the particular café is mainly focusing on conserving and enhancing the stringent geometries of the structure, hence creating a welcoming, but submersive environment influenced by the particular creative imagination and variegation of your board game. “Our intention would have been to create a relaxing ambiance by using both normal and building components, adding colour in their mind, and using contrasts.”

One with the dominant features will be the game-library, which is made of reddish steel and solid wood boxes and goes up prominently to 5.60 meters. Another significant characteristic is the red metallic ladder made of tensile punctured steel grid. The particular handmade colorful metallic lamps, which were developed by the architects for your light requirements, are usually hanging from tan water pipes, furthermore stand out. These illumination elements not only match the basic lighting wants but highlight and also the building elements as well as the intense colored accessories on both the wall space and the ceilings.

Great importance was placed on recycling the pre-existing building components, which resulted in white-painted stone walls coming in comparison with the raw metallic colored lamps as well as the black-painted ceiling. The concept of the overall game is emphasized simply by representations of games about the walls, colorful precisely the furniture and the checkerboard flooring. The blackboard walls are usually decorated with radiant color shapes and so are painted in such methods turn this Alaloum Board Game Cafe in to a school classroom evoking the child years memories.

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