Making a features, complexion, and colors of a door can be called reliabuilt door design. Door is one of the most important parts in constructing a house that must be considered, especially for the main door and sometime the fence which located outside. It will affect the design of the house.

Simple and Modern Reliabuilt Door Design

The reliabuilt door design ideas are coming from some architects. To create a simple and modern reliabuilt door design, adding some stripes of silver or metallic line will be very helpful. White is the most color that is used to make a simple and modern door design. White color gives meaning clean and simple. Although with some carving, the feeling of clean will still feel. It also can be helped by adding a simple design of the door handle.

The other color that will give an elegant look to reliabuilt door design is dark brown, combining with silver stripes and silver handle. Using vertical stripes is to make the house feel taller, otherwise, using horizontal stripes make the house feel wider. But it must be remembered, using horizontal stripes will be better to a wide house. Using the horizontal stripes in a small or narrow house just make the house feels shorter and smaller.

Materials that Support Simple and Modern Reliabuilt Door Design

Choosing materials is very affect to the door design. To make a simple and modern door, adding glass material is really a best choice. Whether is clear glass or frosted class it does not matter. Basically, the glass will give sense of light, easy, and clean. Same technique with adding stripes decoration, horizontal design of glass material is better be placed in the door of wide house, otherwise vertical design of glass material is better be placed in the door of small and narrow house. Combining the wooden material with glass material for reliabuilt door design will be perfect especially for the door inside the house.

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