Generally people know about Bathroom Mission as one set of bathroom sink. When talking about sink only, it will be an important part of a bathroom. But when talking about bathroom mission, it seems like useless think to talk. A good bathroom mission design will give different environment to the bathroom. This part not only use for brushing teeth or washing hand, but also, for some ladies it can be used to make up, and to keep some things like towel, tissue, and other inside the drawer that built in.

Wooden Materials to Make Classical Bathroom Mission

Talking about bathroom mission style, a classic one will be more complicated to discuss. There are two basic materials that can be used to build bathroom mission, wooden material and marble material. Although there are a lot of materials to make a classic style, those two materials is the common one. The first is using the wooden materials. Whether if light brown or dark brown wooden materials, both of them give the same feel about classic style. For a small bathroom, it will be better to use the light brown wooden material because light colors make the room looks wider, otherwise, it is better to use the dark brown wooden material for better environment.

To make more classical environment, this wooden material can be combined with a white plate to cover the top of the table sink. Planting the sink inside will be better, because it can make a simple view. For the faucets, using dark gold or metallic brown will enhance the appearance of the bathroom mission.

Marble Materials to Make Classical Bathroom Mission

Using marble materials is better for a big bathroom. This material looks heavy and solid, also this material creates a feeling of clement to the bathroom. The fact marble is a cold material. It can save the cold inside. It is very appropriate to combine the marble material with dark gold color for others part. Designing the bathroom mission also can be made by combining marble material as the main material with wooden material as the decoration.

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