Built backyard water features in house is a very good idea. Besides for recreation area for family, it can be used to cool the environment. Sometimes, the sound of the water is very pleasant for relaxing in the house. There are a lot of backyard water features ideas coming every year. From Asian classic design are Japanese style, European classic design, and also modern design.

Classic Design of Backyard Water Features

Joining with gazebo, pond with fish, small classic bridge, lotus and created by brown wooden material, is the style of Japanese backyard water features. Generally, the bridge – a bend bridge, is located in the middle of the pond, so the bridge divides the pond into two parts. The lotus on the pond, besides for backyard water features decoration, it means a lot to Japanese people. It reminds people to the Buddha, with the gospel is evil will not come as long as people follow to the Buddha’s gospel. The pond usually designed with some stairs. It can be used to drain the water to the pond.

Another classic design of backyard water features can be found in European style. A rounded pond with a fountain in the middle is the identity of this style. This water features usually located in a park and surrounded by grass. Generally no fish are added there, it just calm blue water.

Modern Design of Backyard Water Features

The usefulness to decorate and to enhance the house make a lot of people like to build the water features, even with a small space left in their home. So, the modern and simple design of water features is coming out to fulfill the people needs. This water features can be built with at least one meter length and one meter width. That space can be built a pond and waterfall that come out from the wall above. Adding a few grasses in this backyard water features will be beautify this ponds.

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