Locating at two areas, Orange County and Lake County, Art Harding Construction is a company that engaged in the designing, construction, and remodeling business. At first this company began working as a facilities engineer, included with planning plant layout and building construction. Art Harding Construction company originally from Boston and then moved to Orlando area in 1980. Their jobs is focusing on remodeling, renovations or addition, and constructing. This company also offer some services, such as making recommendation of architects and designer to plan renovation or new construction, assistance the planning process, complete general contracting services, renovation for some areas in the house like bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room, major maintenance and repairs, and more.

Outdoor Living Features by Art Harding Construction

Much art Harding construction design has been made, including outdoor living features.  Utilize or maximize the left space in the house by adding on some recreation features is better than relocate to a new house. The art Harding construction always maximize the left space in the house to make some features whether in a small space left or a wide space.

When a house has a wide space left and also located in the clement environment, constructing a pool with natural theme will be the best choice. Before, the art Harding construction project has made a natural pool theme. With all floors covered by natural brown stone, it makes the environment look more natural. It’s very appropriate to add some white furniture beside the pool like white wooden bench and table. To beautify this features, adding some flowers and plants will very helpful.

Indoor Swimming Pool Design by Art Harding Construction

Generally, swimming pool is located outside the house. Locating swimming pool inside the house will give more its own unique. It looks like an outdoor swimming pool, which the floor is covered by brown natural stone. The different is there are ceiling lamps there that make sense of warmth. The art Harding construction also add some features there like a bar and one set of sofa and table.

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