Landscape Architect

A Landscape Architect is a certain type of architect who tends to plan, design and direction of a landscape, distinct place or garden. Landscape designers refer to those persons who practice landscape architectures but are not officially licensed or qualified as architects.

Main role of a Landscape Architect is to develop and establish completely innovative or improved theories, methods or policies for landscape designing, planning and management as well. These types of architects also implement those realistic theories and methods in practical life with monitoring those. They also play a vital role to increase environmental awareness, maintain historic and cultural landscapes and sites.

Landscape Architect

Their study is also related to science and environment so that they can design totally harm-free projects and buildings which will be beneficial to our planet. They also work realizing the demands from different sorts of locations like urban, rural or coastal areas. Landscape Architect also research and study on the improvement of the current landscape design and blueprint. For this, they complete various technical reports, scientific papers and developing policy. They also maintain a liaison with government, so that in case they find any information vital for the local environment; they can convey the message.

They also work as consultants in any kind of engineer firm to observe and monitor their different construction projects. Landscape Architect even act as expert witnesses in Environment and Development Courts. So basically they are more than architects in general. They also have some social liabilities in terms of landscape projects and buildings.



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