Dubai Buildings

Burj Khalifa, Dubai’s dream. The name would then actually also have been “Burj Dubai”, but when Sheikh Khalifa in naboemiratet Abu Dhabi had to step in and help with the financing of such the 55,000 tons of steel and 330,000 m³ of concrete that has gone into creating the building, there was one condition with: The tower was named after the emir of Abu Dhabi.
You enter the Dubai Buildings Burj Khalifa via Dubai Mall. But unlike so many other of the world’s tall buildings, the idea is not only in line at the elevator. At the entrance is interactive displays where you can place the Burj Khalifa in photos of other cities’ skylines, of course visions small and inconspicuous as soon as the giant comes into the picture. Everything so far has been impressed by pales a bit – and it’s probably quite deliberate.

Dubai Buildings

From here you drive through rolling pavement through a mulitmedie tunnel to the elevator, where entertainment continues with music, clouds, pictures and graphics that sweeps past the walls. It makes sense of speed – because you feel it is not – and probably also peace of mind for those who prefer to have both feet on the ground.
Up on the platform you see in earnest the giant puzzle that is being added. The huge fountain, Dubai Fountain, is like a small fine pattern of tiles in Burj Khalifa Lake. Close by lies barren land, which in turn give way to areas with something we until recently would have called skyscrapers. One senses the desert, it’s all put in. How much they have created and not least, how much they must achieve by 2020 if their plans to keep.

Everything at Dubai Buildings designed to make Dubai for tourist and commercial center when the oil runs out. Not so silly thought. And just like everything else, we have become accustomed to as a natural thing in our own world.

Dubai Buildings

Up on the platform is interactive binoculars screens where you can search and read about all the local attractions. And after the ride down in the elevator is again in Dubai Mall near the giant aquarium with sharks, giant schools of fish and more. Be sure to see it on the way out. And remember also to order tickets on line through us. Are allowed only a certain amount of visitors every day. Or rather: only a certain amount gets the same price. If you come after them, you have to pay five times the price to go up.
When in Dubai Buildings, nothing can be too high, too large, too great. Therefore we had to of course look Burj Khalifa from above. Just outside of town Jebel Ali Beach Resort we put ourselves in a seaplane, and again we see the whole puzzle from above incl. the first palm tree, Palm Jumeirah, which is almost completely built-up and the other palm, waiting for better times with the artificial archipelago The World.

We fly over the giant container port, where we recognize the blue Maersk ships, and we look down on the Burj Al Arab, the world’s most expensive hotel, Dubai Buildings

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