When you first move into a new home, there’s a kind of urgency to buy get the whole place decorated and furnished as quickly as possible. But doing things this way may not be the best approach for achieving a coordinated and beautiful home.


If you can bear to wait, it’s a good idea to live with the house as it is for a while so that you get a really sense of how it is to live there, where the morning light falls and how rooms look during different times of the day. By doing this, you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate colours for the walls and decide on things like flooring choices that really work well in your home.

So, if you’re deciding which furniture to take from your old house to the new one and what to leave behind, you might be better off taking it all with you and using it while you get used to the new house.


Of course, there may be some things that actually don’t fit in the new place, so you should go and measure up before putting everything on the removals list. Some items that you have might be in need of repairing or fixing up, and in that case you need to decide whether they actually are worth keeping.

Anything that doesn’t come with you can be replaced with a quick trip to the furniture store. If you don’t know what particular decorating theme you are going to use then you can always buy cheap items in Harveys clearance or end of season sales. These may not make the final cut for your new home but they’ll be good enough to see you through the next year or two.

As for the longer term, it’s something you can spend some time researching online when you have a spare moment. Harveys Furniture on YouTube is a great place to get ideas for different styles and designs of furniture, and you can take note of the décor in the background for ideas for colour schemes.

You may be quite clear about what you’d like, but if you’re struggling for a theme, then you could get an interior design consultant in for a session to help you think through different options.

The main thing is not to feel any pressure to have a perfect home only weeks after you move in, otherwise you might end up with a look that you want to change in just a couple of years.


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