Brent Kendle design this fabulous architecture of a desert house that built in Scottsdale, Arizona, he called this as “Desert Wing House”. Harmonious and intriguing group consists of 2 parts, maintenance, with a range of living owners and a larger area to accommodate family and friends.
The house has brick walls for protection from rammed earth and concrete from the harsh sun of the desert of Sonora. They are located in very attractive and modern, taking with floor to ceiling in the direction of the setting sun, the valley and the distant city lights and projections copper roof deep in a literal sense, that wing shape, but the rain water and spread of vegetation.
Indigenous materials impressive work, a subtle blend of beige, red and brown. wind capacity is complemented by a monument with a terrace and an outdoor terrace.
Interiors driven almost no decoration, except for texture beautiful earth and refined concrete walls, limited color palette and frames much just a skylight to swim, it seems, clerestory group, so it seems that the edges are not sewn together. [source]

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