Come from Masstricht, Netherlands, this H house has extraordinary design and house architecture. There will be individual and unique, built to their own ideas. I’m back home in Maastricht, the Netherlands is a very good example because it has been for several artists, architects, and well designed, and wanted to live in a private home that they are full of light. I would therefore like to use too much glass.
The house has only two concrete walls, and the remaining glass. Glass was chosen based on their time and transparency as a place in the house, which is expected to remain near protected by a glass of milk and the rest was more than clear. But the glass, no matter how opaque transparent g of leaves in the sun through them and the house all day. On the night that you live in it to protect your privacy with long curtains. The architecture of this building is quite original with surprising nooks and crannies. It covers 300 square meters and was built in 2010. [source]

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