An intrinsic interior design that decorated small living space applied into this apartment, it’s a perfect example to decorate a small living space. This is cozy, bright and comfortable. There are not many walls in her because she is the only way to do something more space. Everything is painted white, and that another way is to visually enlarge the room. Some details in the gray and lime in the interior living are entertaining. The apartment is not much furniture. Although all the furniture you see here is very functional and easy. The kitchen has a few storage bins, all the necessary equipment bar and three hanging lamps that a separate room. Bedroom to the kitchen through a large screen with a vinyl coating plant motif separated. This allows penetration of light or privacy. The bedroom has a large wardrobe, a bed and some shelves. The bathroom is also a very serious than a shower of glass, glass shelves and a washing machine in a small room. [source]

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