This house called “ The Orchid Street Cityhomes “, mixing modern and green house design with wooden interiors. These houses are not typical duplex. They have a common wall, a garage and a garden full of bamboo. Both devices are made in the combination of wood, brick, glass and pitched roofs, and has two floors. A sense of calm in the house and in your patio feel. Both houses have a clean, modern interior with natural light. On the first floor of each house is served from beginning to end, and second floor are arranged around a central space on two floors. Dining room is the heart of a home that looks out of double-height space anchors in the upper hallway. A large number of environmentally friendly technologies to use these home designs. Wall of rain rain screen filters the water, radiant heating surfaces heated, RVH is filtered out in the fresh air and move before they are heated on the inside and released so on. Duplex is located in southwest Portland. [source]

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