Saving many spaces, cool design and sufficient completeness is the point plus. In countries such as China and Japan to make enormous efforts to combat ideas for small spaces, due to the fact that the urban population is growing at a rate never seen before. But the apartment is now in Paris and comes from designer Paul Coudamy. Red nest under the title the original house design bedroom, dressing room and study at home all the “hard” only 23 square meters. You’re probably wondering how this was possible. Nursery rare original solutions to the lack of storage space. First, a bed and wardrobe hidden mobile shelving, which is very easy to maneuver. Two-way mirrors are used to divide rooms and create a feeling of space. We also noticed interesting “safe haven” in the land, but did not find any information about its functionality. If you know what works to happen, please let us know. But the flat red and white, like a great place to live without compromising on style and functionality.[source]

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