Which casino have the grandest examples of architecture?

If your only experience of gambling is playing at an mobile casino, then one thing that you are missing out on is the wonderful casino architecture that can be found around the world. In terms of casinos that are still operating, their architectural styles stretch across almost three hundred years.
When the first casino in Monte Carlo opened it was built to a tight budget. Back then there were very few transport links to Monte Carlo and consequently very few customers. However once the railways came it was a different story, people flocked to the place, revenues soared and substantial investments were made to create the casino that stands to this day, grand, opulent and sumptuous.
In Las Vegas you will find a plethora of casinos both on The Strip and Downtown. They embrace many different architectural styles, though most tend to favour scale and impact rather than what might be considered to be good architectural taste. They are very popular but are not likely to win many design awards. There are some exceptions though, and one notable one is the Bellagio. It is famous for its dancing fountains and light show, but there is far more to the place than that, it is truly stylish too. Just step inside the lobby for a breathtaking experience.
The Venetian Macau is the largest casino hotel in the world. In some ways it is even more stylised and gaudy than anything you will find in Las Vegas, including the Venetian Las Vegas on which it is modelled. If you are willing to suspend belief and indulge yourself then the artificial canal that runs through it, its gondolas and gondoliers and its bridges do have a certain charm.
The Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore succeeds where many other modern casinos fail. It really does have style and is an example of how beautiful modern architecture can be. It consists of three huge towers connected by a magnificent Sky Park built across and overlapping their roofs. The Sky Park incorporates a large infinity swimming pool which gives the impression that you are swimming across Singapore’s skyline.