The Great Historical Greek Architecture; Corinthian Columns

The Great Historical Greek Architecture; Corinthian Columns. If you have ever visited Greece, you should see the great look of ancient buildings with the Corinthian columns. The Greek old buildings that have been tourism destination are popular with the beautiful architecture, especially in its columns. Corinthian is the third column style type after the old Doric and Ionic ones. Actually, this column style is not mostly used by Greeks, but Romans. However, you still can find many old castles in Greek that use the Corinthian style for its columns. Compared to Ionic columns, this style is the heavier and fancier base. Even though, all styles are really beautiful and able to create a great building.

Furthermore, do you know that Corinthian columns a staunch symbol for the strength? The sturdy structures of the columns are used to hold the roofs. Then, developed from its two predecessor styles, Corinthian one are made in more ornate. Besides, it also has some other characteristics. This column type is made with slender size. Then, for the ornamentation, the capital is designed in more elaborate decorations under the architrave like the carving of acanthus leaves, scrolls, and flowers. Besides, for each building, the design of column ornaments is various. One of the buildings that are designed with this column is The Pantheon that is located in Rome.

Moreover, you also must know about the history and facts about the column to enrich your knowledge. For its name, Corinthian is from an ancient city in the southern Greece, Corinth. Even though this column is developed in Athens, Greece, the style is used a lot by Romans. It can be seen through a lot of ancient buildings in Rome that use columns in Corinthian style. This third style of column was firstly created, probably, by the Athenian sculptor, Callimachus. Then, now Corinthian columns have become the great historical Greek architecture.