The Grandiose Cool Buildings In The World

Cool buildings are very attractive to be seen. Everyone will love it anyway. The existence of buildings has its own meaning and everyone has a certain purpose to build that building. Architecture design is important to be used whenever the building is going to be made. The architecture of the building from time to time is moving forward. From the ancient time that is very simple and primitive is now changed to be a modern building that is more convenient. Likewise with the following buildings are becoming a master plan for future building models. Here are 5 of the most magnificent architectural and coolest buildings in the world.

Songjiang Hotel Cool Buildings

Songjiang Hotel Cool Buildings

The first is Songjiang Hotel. This hotel includes one of many cool buildings that has ever existed in this world. This hotel is known as Paradise in a lake. It has an innovative design that features a green roof, geothermal energy and water areas include a restaurant and guest rooms. Mining provides an ideal setting for sports and recreation, including swimming, water sports, rock climbing and bungee jumping. Next to the second building it is Capung. It is a kind of a metabolic urban farm for agriculture. The designer of this building is Lilypad who comes from Vincent Vallebaut, the sustainable stunning design that aims to meet the food, housing and energy challenges of the future.

The Dragonfly shape of this building is an urban farm concept for New York City’s Roosevelt Island, a model after a dragonfly wing, and is designed to provide something fresh and local food in an urban environment. The next one is one of the coolest buildings that is named indoor and outdoor origami apartment. This apartment has a vertical concept. By making apartment buildings entirely vertical, we can improve the livability of the city shelter and provide a lush green garden for each apartment dwellers to enjoy. The Origami by Kann Finch, designed for Meydan City in Dubai, each apartment will provide an open quality that extends the internal living, spacious balcony area with a wall of windows that is captivating. A patterned building solid or glass screen gives the visual appeal of the building from the outside and provide shade and privacy for residents.

The next cool buildings that ever exist in this world is the Venus project tower. Venus Project is a vision for a new world civilization which is now being hit by global warming, and followed by an increasing human population. Venus Project is a design of our entire culture. Circular cities with built-in farms and public transport is along with the cities of the sea that can accommodate millions, only a part of this complex and visionary idea to take us beyond the politics, poverty and war. Some people believe that we have to start from scratch with a new model of human civilization and technology directing our resources toward the positive, for the maximum benefit of the people and the planet. So you need to think the role of building not only the look of cool buildings.