The Architecture Concept of Greek Temples

Greek temples are such a famous kind of building in this whole wide world. It is impossible if there is anybody who does not know Greek. The style of Greek architecture is too good to be true. Western architectural style is different with the eastern style. The western architecture is actually estate two advance cultures in Europe, it is Greek and Roman. Many parts of Europe styled building that we have known is literally deviation of those architecture styles.  There are characteristic of building architecture that looks typically like Greek temples. The buildings have the impression of conceited. There are many architectural styles that have developed in western nations, for the example is the style of Romanesque that is often used to build a castle or even temples with European peculiar.

Greek Temples At Night

Greek Temples At Night

There is a Gothic style that is usually used to build a church. There is also a Byzantine style that developed in Eastern Europe and do not forget there is a Barak style with the style which is beyond the limits. However the western architecture style that we used to know is basically from the architectural style of Greek. Like the distinctive feature of Greek temples which have so many pillars, and the glamour facade, and also the physical look of the building that is grand.  There is also the using of some domes, and decoration such as statue and the carved relief of human, animals, and plants.

The main character of buildings that have the style of European style is the maximize action of pillar in the façade in e front of it that is in fact imitating the temple shape of Greek temples in the ancient era. The use of these pillars is a kind of showing off and to display the impression of boastful. Based on the history temple is a place that is used for some ritual as the form of adoration to their gods. It is also used for saving vow gift. The presence of temple is quite important and also has been spread in Greek  temples architecture. In other hand this kind of temple in Hellenistic and in the east west of Asia and also North Africa is built to fulfill the function of temple that is sometimes following the local tradition.

Actually this style can be used for your home design. You can make your huge home which is like a castle with architecture style form Greek culture. You may apply the pillar concept which here you need to build many pillars to make your home looks extravagant. And then the existence of dome also might be important if you want to have this kind of home. Your home will look so gorgeous and absolutely amazing with this style; even sometimes it is very superfluous. You still can handle it or maybe you asking help to the expert. Get some advices from them to make the look of your home is not too excessive. Then the carved relief on the wall also will be the unique characteristic of Greek temples.