Make A Perfect Interior with Doric Columns

The modern, fast-paced lifestyle results in our bedroom being the perfect place to relax and let our hair down. A perfect bedroom is a space that reduces our stress and soothe our eyes.
While remodeling your home interior, especially the bedroom, you should consider the following points:
The size of the room will determine the kind of furniture required to be placed in your bedroom. The basic furniture includes dressers, Nightstands and chest of drawers. You should keep enough space in your bedroom for walking around the room. If you are in the habit of reading before going to sleep, you can keep a bookshelf.
The perfect color of your bedroom will help you have a good sleep at night. The color schemes should be soothing to your eyes and refreshing to your senses. Bright colors pep up your mood, but it might result in you being awake till late at night. Neutral colors are the best choice in designing a bedroom. Do not include picture frames and avoid packing the room with excess stuff.
A combination of big and small pillows work great. You can decorate your bed with printed pillows and bed sheet. If you do not like to see a blank wall space, you can hang a quilt comprised of graphics that goes well with the bed linen. Placing soft carpets are an appropriate option as well.
A perfectly well-lit room helps in creating the right mood. Overhead lights may not be the best option. So, it is advisable to place the lights in the appropriate places to enable reading, dressing up and any other activity. Every lighting fixture should be accompanied with a dimmer, to reduce the brightness. If you take care of all these living room ideas, only then you would be able to make your bedroom, a perfect one.
Use of Doric columns inside your house or even for outdoors can bring a new spirit to the interior. Doric columns not only make your interior look beautiful and give it a classic look, they also support the structure of the house. Doric columns are simplest of the original Greek orders. They have minimal decorative elements, with no base. Doric columns give an antique and a formal quality to the interior.
Doric columns can be used in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even in your shower area. You may use them, as an arch on the doorway or to decorate the walls. They are mostly used for simple interior designs. You may also use these columns as a pedestal to hold a planter or sculpture.