Gothic Architecture to Give Your Room A Perfect Design!


Designing a room focuses on the range of rooms starting from kitchen, living room, and many other parts of your home. A room needs perfect flooring, color of paint, the perfect layout, furniture and accessories.
Interior designing has advanced by a huge margin nowadays with the application of new techniques and continuous innovation. The different styles of interior d├ęcor include Contemporary, Asian, Country, Mediterranean, Rustic, Victorian and many more. The different factors to consider while designing a room include:

1. Color: Various color combinations depict different styles of design. Traditional colors include gray, blue and white. You can experiment with bright colors.

2. Cabinets: The presence of cabinets in your kitchen gives a regal look. Cabinets in the bedroom or living room enhance the attractiveness of the rooms. Wood cabinets are the current trending architectural designs and Coffee tables are a great addition too.

3. Sofas and cushions: Try decorating your room with bright sofas and cushions. In addition to the bright colored sofas, have an appropriate lighting that will reflect the colors and brighten your room. Avoid using gaudy colors. You can design your room as per a particular theme.

4. Lighting: Illuminating your room with a perfect lighting system is very important. Ceiling lights, table lamps, side lamps add the required color to your beautiful room. Hanging lights are also a good option. A new trend in lighting is through the coffers of the ceiling present in your room. A perfectly well-lit room makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

5. Dining room: Design your dining room in a way that it should be a comfortable space to strike a conversation with your family members and friends while enjoying a tasty and sumptuous meal. The space must include an elegant center table surrounded by sleek and stylish chairs with comfortable cushions for enjoying a wonderful dinner experience.

Apart from that, you can give your room a whole new look by adopting a gothic architecture style. Gothic architecture is basically a post mediaeval architectural style which was revived in the 20th century and was most commonly associated with the Victorian era style. Pointed arches used as windows and doors, one story porch, gingerbread cottages, front facing gable and wood frame forms are the fundamental style of the gothic architecture. Incorporating the gothic architecture in your house can give a new and beautiful look.
Furniture used in gothic architecture is massive and mostly oak made. Chairs, cabinets, bed frames with arches and spiral turned legs give away the feel of the post mediaeval era. Similarly, colors used in Gothic architecture are dark and rich, i.e. Purple, black, ruby, forest green and golden. For the walls you may use flat colors that represent stones. Or you may also use tapestries with natural colors to go with the gothic architecture furniture and designs.