Capital City with Beautiful Famous Architecture In The World

Famous architecture in this world would be an inspiration for everyone who is interested about architecture world. Here you are brought to the most popular architecture in the world. Of course you would appreciate the architect who has worked on these. You will love it actually. Let’s enjoy the beautiful architecture of a capital city in several nations that ever existed in this world.  It could not even be denied if each city in this city has buildings that is very unique and has its own character. These buildings are made in order to make the city look more beautiful. Here are some examples of capita; a city with its pretty architecture design.

Capital City Barcelona Famous Architecture

Capital City Barcelona Famous Architecture

The first nation that has famous architecture is going to be Spain with the capital city, Barcelona. It starts from de Sant Palau de la Musica Catalana hospital where you can find the traditional work art from the last architecture named Catalan Lluis Domenech I Montaner. These buildings have both of them that has already been claimed by UNESCO. You also will find work art from other architecture like Antoni Gaudi. His art is more popular, including CASA Mila, Park Guell and Candi Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. There you can look the contemporary work of Santiago Calatrava on Montjuic communication tower. Actually, there are still many famous architecture of Spain, maybe you can go check it to visit Spain someday. The next is France with its capital city Paris. Who did not know Paris? I bet everyone will know Paris, the most romantic place in the world. Walking around this city will make you feel you are in the center of one big art museum.

Paris is amazing with the smart combination of modern style with the classic style; it will be able to remind you of that it is more than just a museum. In 80’s Paris transformed the classic look of the city with the modern style. For example the pyramid shaped glass entrance, and other modern project. The next famous architecture is coming from Illinois. Chicago is the capital city of Illinois. It has a really great architecture. This windy city is also known as the bane of modern American architecture. After the fire tragedy, the architect came to build some buildings that become the most impressive in this world. The buildings are created with the idea of what things that can make the place look like a city? Then the answer is the skyscraper.

There are many skyscrapers there that makes the look of the city incredibly stunning. The next is Italy with its capital city Rome. It is just like Athena, Italy becomes the first illumination of western civilization. You know classic building like Colosseum, Pantheon, Greek Forum, The temple of Venus and Rome. These buildings are having competition with the new buildings like Santo Petrus field in the Vatican, Kapel Sistina, and a national monument of Victor Emmanuel II. Even though they are not popular enough for modern buildings, but the classic architecture design of it is more than enough to make this city become the place which is worth to be our architecture model. Those are capital city with its beautiful famous architecture.