Diy Crafts making For Learning Process In Kindergarten

Diy crafts or do it yourself crafts are results or outputs of ideas of people which created by their creativity to be something unique that can be see and touch. It can be form as: home decors, accessories, bows, bags, etc. to make a diy craft, you have to be creative, because the most important thing to produce something with your own invention is creativity. Beside, being creative will more great if you support it with intelligence and patience , because if you want to make a diy craft, you will find some kind of activity which need intelligence and patience such as designing, cutting, sticking something using glue and other stuff like that. So, if you only creative, it will almost impossible  for you to produce any crafts even if you have lots of great ideas that can make into a great, unique and useful crafts.

Making crafts also have relation with education aspect, as we know, education is important to all people in all ages. In education or in learning process, there are not only theory that has given but also personal development or known as soft skill. Soft skill can get by learning something which helps people to become more creative, well organized, patient, intelligent, etc. Therefore, in kindergarten, there is a subject where the all of the student have to create, make and produce something whether by their own idea or just create something by following some instructions from the teacher. Because it is earlier to give them train in personality development by introducing them how to be creative and how to concentrate and how to be patient with making diy crafts.

Diy crafts which have given as a subject in learning process at kindergarten help the student to have a soft skill, because to be a success person, they need  to have a good not only in knowledge which include in hard skill but also in soft skill. This method will help them to developing their character, because they will grow up not only the body but also their personality. By this method, they will train to be creative, intelligent and patient. Give the personal development since the early by teach them how to make diy crafts will help them build the good personality which important for their future.

 The good impacts of give training in how to make or how to create something in learning process at kindergarten such as: helps student to be more creative, to be more diligent to be more patient, train student to concentrate and focus on something, because as we know, children in kindergarten’s age is in most active condition, with this method, they train to be concentrate and focus on what they do. This method also helps children to get confidence, because they feel free to produce something based on their ideas. Moreover if the result or the crafts is get a good appreciate from their friends, teacher and family.  It is good for their physical growth. Those are the advantages of diy crafts making for learning process in kindergarten.