Cozy Tiny House

Tiny house or known as small house is a house which has small area. When you hear the name of this kind of house maybe you will imagine an uncomfortable, an inappropriate and inconvenient house. But here, we are going to discuss about tiny house in different point of view, many years ago, people build a tiny house because of the poverty, they have not much money to build a comfortable house with appropriate size one, by the time, small house can no longer to be a symbol of the poverty. Nowadays, it became a symbol of simply living. It reflects the simple, close and warm house. With the small size, it is suitable for unmarried person or a small family.

Because a house is the most important place for every people, therefore many people who love to live in small house try to design their small house to be as comfortable as possible and as unique as possible. They try to make a comfortable place in every room with little space. They decorate it with furniture which giving cozy and warm sense such as furniture which made from woods. To avoid the sense of crowded and untidy house, they put not much furniture in the house. They only put something necessary. So that, their house will looks simple, tidy and cozy.

In the Europe, people use woods from the oak threes as the main materials to build a small house because oak woods not only make a tiny house looks cozy and warm, it also can stabilize the temperature in a house even during the winter. So oak woods make a house feels warm in the winter, and feels cold in the summer. The main favorite spot for them to build a small house is usually on the ground field. They will spend much money to create their small house’s dream to become true. This is probably one of the reasons why a small house is no longer as a symbol of poverty, having a cozy and unique small house is such a lifestyle right now.

In 1997, there is an innovation of small house, it called small house movement. It is a small house which has wheels in the bottom. It can move from one place to another place. It was created to reduce the disaster risk in disaster zone. It was popularized by jay shaver who worked for Tumbleweed tiny house Company. By the time small house movement has been changed, they use a big transportation to be small house such as cars, trucks, and etc. they change a car to become a cozy place to live in. even, some of the small house movement looks exact like a real house which have some rooms such as: bedroom, living room, kitchen and even bath room in it. So it is a small house which can move like transportations stuff even if in very slow speed and this kind of tiny house is very popular in United Kingdom.