Architectural Lighting Design as Product of Modern Technology

Architectural lighting design complements the aspects of the architecture. Since the discovery of technology, human civilization has evolved into an era where art and beauty become the factors which are considered in all fields. Those points are not something which is only possible to be found in a written product or literature. It is implemented in any scope of creation. In this case, the environment around people is greatly influenced. Building, vehicle, and road are just the simple example, there are more than these. The art and beauty can be seen in the structural design, the color combination, and the idea of the creation. It is a product of a human’s creativity.

cube house architectural lighting design

cube house architectural lighting design

The invention of the lamp has given a lot of advancement. At first, it just fulfills the basic needs of people. As the time goes by, its function has changed. There is more advance product which can give better illumination than the previous type. Now, lighting is something important. The use of lighting becomes something more complex. It serves as the aspect which can present beauty as well as art. In order to construct a building or other facilities, lighting is a crucial factor which must be considered. In this case, architectural lighting design is needed as the main plan. It is necessary to make the building or the facilities works normally as an object or place that is used by people and as a sophisticated creation. The composition of lighting in every angle must be listed in the master plan.

It is obvious that all places use light and lighting, as the main composition. Hence, architectural lighting design requires the professional designer to handle the job. In the creation of a certain facility, there is a team which is obligated to finish the job. The firm in charge is not always having the specialist which can perform this kind of task. This is a difficult work to be done. It is possible that the firm make cooperation with a specialist or other firm which the specialty is about lighting design. There are many sides in a single project. It is necessary because there must be synchronization between the main blueprint of the building and the supporting equipment especially the architectural lighting design.

The building or facility which has good illumination can serve its main function properly and it will give positive effect to the environment. Bangkok in Singapore, Shanghai in China, or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia; these cities are the famous place for the international tourists from all over the world. It is not natural tourism or traditional culture which becomes the main attraction, but the architecture of the building that can be enjoyed by everyone. When the night comes, the city looks magnificent. The lighting in every building and facilities are designed carefully, so it can present beautiful and neat environment. Here, the concept of illumination becomes a crucial factor. The amount of light can illuminate the area. The consumption of the energy is carefully calculated. All of this is because of the proper architectural lighting design.