University of Santa Monica Offer the Master Program for Spiritual Psychology

If you are going to continue your study in spiritual psychology, University of Santa Monica is the right place. This university, which was established in 1976 is located in Santa Monica, California, USA. It is an unaccredited private post graduate school, which offers master of art in general, spiritual psychology and specific one emphasized in health, consciousness and healing. Moreover, this university, through its psychology program degree has introduced a combination of practical technique with spiritual tool. This integration makes an educational paradigm that not only concern about knowledge, but also empowers the students to change their consciousness, identify them remove their limited belief and transform their authentic self. The student is wished to transform their consciousness for education, government, business, medicine, philanthropy, and psychology to build a deep meaning in relationships, careers, and lives.

For all of those goals, University of Santa Monica was founded by John Roger, whose full name is Roger Delano Hinkins. He is an author, educator and also lecturer who also rallied as the founder of inner spiritual awareness movement. This university was built with lack of educational accreditation. Even though with unaccredited degree that was illegal for several jurisdictions, this university finally got authorization from state government to offer master of art programs for counseling psychology that emphasizes in the field of spiritual psychology. This approval is the supreme status achievement for an institution under the act of private education forpostsecondary program in California. Then, today, University of Santa Monica which concern in psychology field has had over five hundred students who enroll in this university.

University of Santa Monica Architecture

University of Santa Monica Architecture

To study psychology means study about behavior and mind science. In this university, the students will study to reintegrate the dimension of spiritual back to the core of the authentic inquiry of psychology. Therefore, the field of spiritual psychology is emerged and you can learn it in this university. When you study it, you will learn about the science and art of conscious awakening. Then the students also have to be able to transform their daily life experience to the ladder rungs of spiritual awakening.  So, they will make a meaningful and great contribution in the world through the result of their educational process. The students of the University of Santa Monica will experience a greater connection of them with the purpose of their life, and success and fulfillment of their achievements of enhanced level.

Moreover, in this university, the students will get a unique curriculum that is made for them to observe and study about the resolution of issue that can disturb the world peace. Therefore, the program of study of spiritual psychology of this university can teach the students to transform their consciousness, their life, and even for their world. So then, it is not surprising that some people say that this learning process becomes a model for how education should be, could be and even must be. By integrating the learning techniques and practice, University of Santa Monica is aimed to allow the students to develop their true community. If you are interested about the loan , I think the student loan payment calculator article is helpful for you .