Triple Wide Mobile Homes with Huge Size

Triple wide mobile homes are the kinds of houses that built in huge size. The houses look like a three-house in one building. Having this kind of house may need more energy for maintaining the furniture and keep the house in clean and tidy condition. It is very suitable for being a house of that family who has a huge number of members. The huge size that this house has been also equal with the spaces inside the house. As a three-house in one building, this house are available for being separated into many rooms. The wide space is also added to the porch that also has wide spaces. This is very good for being a place for a family gathering or party.

About the design, the triple wide mobile homes are very flexible in being a functional space. According to the name that has mobile word, this house can be rearranged as well as possible as long as the rooms are needed for a specific function. Still talking about the design, the front side is mostly designed with windows, trim in three or more numbers. Aside with the porch, the windows are very useful for being the path of the sunlight in entering the house. If the front side there is a porch and maybe there is a garden, in the back side, this house is usually provided with a backyard. The back yard has big spaces. Usually it used to be the parking place or even for playing with the children.

Then, let’s talk about the appearance. The triple wide mobile homes are built on the similar specific looks that people can know the type by only staring the appearance. The usual appearance comes from the way of the arrangement made for the house. Being the specific looks for triple wide mobile homes, the front side there must be a porch and stair to come in the house. And the other side is applied to the windows only in giving healthier condition inside the house. The ventilation is needed in this case. But, people sometimes forget to apply the ventilation for theirhouse, but they use the windows to be the way of air circulation. However, it is still recommended for you who want to build a house, whether in triple wide mobile homes or not to apply the ventilation inside the house in order to get fresh air come into the house.

Created in huge size, the material that used in building this house logically is using some strong material such as concrete, aluminum, or strong wooden material. However, as long as the technology developed, the materials of a house that used are combined into a strong design. Usually people use the aluminum material as the ceiling arrangement in order to get stronger ceiling. But, wooden material is being the most used material because the wall and the floor mostly using the wooden material as the drywall to get warmer inside the triple wide mobile homes.