The Legendary Hearst Castle

Yes, Hearst Castle has a similar sound with Hurst Castle, but you know what? Both castles are totally different. The first castle is a typical historical and national mansion, which you can find in California. Meanwhile, the second one is a typical device fort you will discover in England. Now, you see the different? This castle, during 1920s to 1930s, no one can easily enter it. Only some famous or elite politician can be a part of this castle like Clark Gable, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, and Joan Crawford is some of famous and elite politician who is becoming the special guests of this Hearst Castle.

Hearst Castle is undoubtedly beautiful. This is one of the things which make many directors want to make this castle as one of their filming sets. However, the requests cannot be accepted. Even so, surprisingly the authority of the Hearst Castle gave permission to Lady Gaga video clip and a movie Spartacus. The shutdown of many requests is because the property of this castle has already been donated to California’s state. However, if for some reasons the descendants of Hearts’ family want to use the castle, then, they can use the castle. Still about the movie, if you ever watched a movie like Citizen Kane, you will figure out that the mansion in there (Xanadu) finds its inspiration from Hearst Castle.

The precise location of this Hearst Castle is in San Simeon, a lovely place that lies between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The design of Hearst Castle is taken its appearance from the inspiration of Mediterranean Revival style and some architectural buildings which are so famous during the nineteenth and twentieth century. The architect or the designer of this beautiful castle is a talented woman namely Julia Morgan. The design of this castle itself is started in 1915. But it takes a long time to make the castle just become as beautiful as today. Furthermore, the detail and the perfection of the castle become the witness of plenty historical events which make many people eager to visit the Hearst Castle. In short, the perfect beauty of its architecture is something irresistible. Anyway, talking about visiting the castle, at this present time is something possible to do. Moreover, the castle becomes one of the favorite places that should be visited while you are having time in California.

So then, if you have planned to visit this castle during your holiday or some, you need to know this castle offers you bunch tour tips you can follow. The tour is opened for every day; even so the castle will totally close for public during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year. Other information you should be determined that every tour you take will take you different prices. So then, it is better if you are prepared. If you want to have a nice time inside the grand room, you need to pay about $25 if you are an adult and about $12 for a child. But, you can’t spend more than 40 minutes to admire the historical atmosphere of Hearst Castle for each section of the castle you are visiting.