A Lot of Fun Places at Santa Monica Pier Address

The Santa Monica pier address is in Colorado Avenue foot, Santa Monica. If you still do not have any idea to spend your holiday with your family or friends, you may visit this place. An amusement park that is built near the beach becomes a great place to have fun. Moreover, what do you when you are on the beach? It is a common thing that on the beach you will only play with sand or just walk along the shore. However, Santa Monica pier amusement park can give you many other fun playing places. So, you can do a lot of activity while enjoying the scenic view of the beach and the warm ambiance of the sea. Then, what can you do in this place?

Before you find out about the facilities, you must know first how to get the Santa Monica pier address. The place is not too far from the main road. You have to go west and you will see an intersection of Colorado and ocean, then in there, the park is located. You can reach it by the car, motorcycle, and bike or even on the foot. Moreover, all of people, from young to the old, can enjoy their activities in both of lively cities and seaside of Santa Monica. There are so many things you can do for bicycling on the beach path, playing games on the beach, visiting night clubs, theater, art gallery and concert, doing fitness and shopping.

Furthermore, your choice to go to Santa Monica pier address for vacation is a really great. It is because this place is like heaven that provides you many outdoor fun activities. The location that enables you to do a lot of activities makes this amusement park become unique California beach recreation. Surfing, swimming, biking, beach side gymnastics, and volleyball are available to do there. For you who love night life, this place also gives you an awesome place. You can enjoy live music; clubs, bars, avenue performance is available for the visitors. So, you can have fun with your family and friends not only at daytime but also at nighttime. Thus, this amusement park is really perfect as the place you spend a vacation. So, there are still plenty of fun activities, if you come to Santa Monica pier address.

To go holiday is not complete without shopping, right? Therefore, it also offers you a great place to shop. You will see many remarkable shops line on the Santa Monica’s street. There, you can buy many things from popular designer, well-known brands, and also some independent boutiques. If they are not enough, you can go outside through the walkable districts to visit other shopping place in Los Angeles. Moreover, if you prefer to get to know about the Santa Monica culture and authentic things, you might visit the art galleries and museums. Besides, for the simple show, you still can enjoy the sculpture and art exhibition in the public street. Therefore, beside the beach scene, Santa Monica pier address also offers you many other fun places around it.