Oakwood Homes : 2013 Best Company Winner

It was not easy to go through the credit crisis in 2013, but Oakwood Homes could stand still and it is no wonder to see the company as the winner of the year’s top company. Back then, the bursting out of housing industry was said to be the reason why the crisis could happen. The crisis itself was the main cause of the recession in the United States Suffice in 2007 to 2009. It was pretty challenging for every real estate company to thrive through such condition. However, one company rose to the top and even earned a skyrocketing achievement during the downturn and hard times. The inspirational story and the huge success of Oakwood Homes is what we are going to talk about at this moment.

During those times, it was pretty impossible for every company to finally survive. Apparently, a company that must be really familiar to us, Oakwood Homes, could prove the issue wrong by topping the chart of 2013 Best Company Winner. The company had struggled very hard and owned a well-deserved victory of a sizeable comeback. Not only being able to sell products as well as they’d usually done, they were even able to open eight new offices in one year. Three of them were located in Colorado, Omaha and Salt Lake City, making they even gained more and more popularity among people. Another good thing is: they had planned to provide more services through additional markets that are coming to your way as soon as possible.

The CEO of Oakwood Homes, Mr. Pat Hamill, stated before that, “The key is the well-built communication, both internally and externally. Most companies collapsed because of the lacking communication within the company and outside.” Hamill added, each person working in the company kept the faith endlessly no matter what situation they had to go through.  With the faith that everyone perceived, they were capable of paying attention to details, which was very helpful to help the company growing. In 2009, Kova Solutions software was implemented, which let the workers to streamline every administrative task and data entry. The innovation brought them to the park for generously offering cost-saving mode and displaying the changes and impacts that the clients could figure out based on a house’s price.

Besides being innovative in the term of technology implementation, the company was the expert in giving new service when it comes to a good relation between the seller and buyers. Hamill proudly said that, “We had the chance to thoughtfully listen to the customer. What makes us even happier is we can react well afterwards.”

We can understand what the market wants and we can’t be afraid of doing something different. However, we do not leave our basic design.” Another contribution that will remain everlasting is the Homebuyers’ Club. It is a special feature acknowledging certain budgeting techniques for the families who haven’t been able to purchase one. Based on the explanation above, we realize Oakwood Homes have always been great, both in easy and difficult periods.