Living Room Decorating Ideas with Black and White Concept

Living room decorating ideas with black and white concept. Living room is the center area of the house, it is the often area which is used to entertain the guests. Therefore, living room must be given a special touch of decoration concept. There are lots of kinds of decorations you on apply, but for the popular one in this lately day is that minimalist decoration style. The modern minimalist living room decorating ideas we are going to discuss in this article is that black and white concept. This decoration style applies the neutral color palette to show the simplicity and modernity. Moreover, black and white living room concept will make a room looks like a monochrome one. SO that, in this case you will display just black and white color, ranging from wall, floor, furniture and accessories as well.

It is actually not only modern living room decorating ideas which are allowed black and white concept, but any other decoration styles are also allowed, such as classic, rustic or contemporary one. It may be a bit strange and unusual, but trust it will give you different look then. The difference you can create in your house, since black and white is seldom to apply in the living room decoration. If you one of them who want to apply black and white living room concept, there are some tips you can follow. The first is that choose the dominant color for the living room. If you decide to set black and white color, the first thing is that choose which one of both that will be more dominant. The second thing is that add neutral color, this is actually a kind of options for you. You can add neutral as the ornament or decorative spot. you do not need to put it in wide. You can add neutral color for accessories. It also has function to add a bit of cheerfulness.

Third tip is you can set non neutral color for your living room, such as blue, green or red. One thing you have always notice is black and white is the independent color, it can be applied and combine with any colors, on the other hand if these kinds of color is combined with non-neutral color, so that non-neutral will be more dominant. The next tip for your living room decorating ideas with black and white is use textured material. It is actually a kind of option for you, if you want put black and white color touch. Using textured material can be great recommendation. You can set textured rug or sofa, for this decoration style slippery texture will make a room looks cold.

Those tips above are kinds of guideline for you who will make your black and white living room decoration ideas. For a sample design, you can set the wall with black paint color, white sleek sofa and low white coffee table. For the floor, you can set textured black rug over your white ceramic tile. To eliminate the empty look on the wall, you can set some decorative elements, such as simple white painting or gray-scale photo family.