Exciting Colorful Apartment Decoration In Brazil

Exactly what great work of colorful apartment decoration presented by Gislene Lopes! Amazing picture displayed when the popular building by architect Oscar Niemeyer is reinvented. Color variations made a great work for the project. Right now, the colorful interior design, based on the furnishings and accessories used, gets to be the center of the modern apartment.

A lot more fascinating is this living that’s located in Belo Horizonte is featured using wall, watch oriented design, glossy, presenting the landscape of the city. In the living that will be complete with cream, brow, gray and touches, the gorgeous scenic view is wonderfully shown.

Living area is relaxed design using the extension with kitchen island for chairs and table stylish put in to complete the enjoyable room. It is one other point of amazing apartment decorating concepts that makes the exciting colorful apartment decoration.

Checkerboard walling and floors mixed with stunning red designs seems excellent. Small kitchen, in that vivid decoration, will be focused in this apartment. The counterbalances the living inside that utilizes red accessory for the wall decorating. That red wall is connected in the blue area for bedding. Blue and White are excellent to fulfill wood and gray variations of toilet furnishings.

In addition, based on artwork, lighting system and decorative colors get this amazing part in creating a great colorful apartment decoration. A lot of pictures are exposed inside the living room and bedroom making charming moments. Electrical lamps at wall work and ceiling using natural lamps from windows. Glasses can be added for airy atmosphere and lighter. Window blinds including windows permit light adjustment.

Therefore, try to check out the furnishings design. Almost all of the furnishings are in elegant design. Smooth texture and lines, unique structural form, etc. are all shown to complement the stylish colorful interior. Smooth lines and texture, distinct structural form, etc. are considered to complement this elegant colorful apartment decoration.