Classic Colonial House Design to get Natural and Relaxed Look

Check it out ways Huestis Tucker Architects, LLC project of adding classic colonial house design that will renovate a 1930’ house which seems so outdated. The original architecture will be preserved, although the interior is lighter, larger and more open look. Natural completing for those exterior and interior are to get to the relaxed but peaceful feeling of the home.

Classic Colonial House Design Facade

Classic Colonial House Design Facade

Furnishing a classic colonial house design, mainly the exterior, fresh new plants looks to be a responsibility. Traditional living with a stone wall and wall siding to the exterior completing is going to be full of greenery around and nice garden meeting the front yard. Shingled roof, built from Timberline asphalt shingles, harmonizes with weathered wooden decorating of the exterior.

Traditional entrance hall design with small space, not having sitting room added, just simply warmly allowed every friend. Excellent natural designs, with some greens and flowers, made pillars and ceiling, a distinctive step up showing stone components, and nice concrete road using garden surrounding finishes it entrance part decoration and design. Outdoor sitting down around the rear area with antique stone fencing strengthens the traditional picture of the interesting classic colonial house design.

The inside, to get relaxed results, is natural colordesign. It is dominated by bright, wooden, stone and plants. Bright area decorating is usually combined with various smooth colors presented with the home furnishings and home accessories. Wood flooring and furnishings help fresh greens finishing the interior. Stone fireplace with wooden shelf decorates and gets warm the family area.

Glass and tiles are invited to present extra decoration. Glass windows in French style give a few areas have fun in the outside view. Fresh window with built-in table looks ideal for simple window sitting down. Tiles for kitchen backsplash lets the original bright kitchen with dark kitchen counter stands confidently. That makes the classic colonial house design we show are totally finished.