Interesting Stair Decorations Ideas

The existence of staircase often overlooked part of the house, therefore I will discuss about the stair decorations. Stairs always looks simple, which makes different design only. Therefore, you have to make it different by adding some decorations to make it interesting.

Here are some ideas stair decorations that can make your stairs more than just a simple path.
You can make it be colorful using paint. You can paint everything with your favorite color. You can paint each step with different color. Your stairs will look interesting and different than before.

Another idea is using wallpaper. When you walking through stairs, you will see or read wallpaper in the stairs. You can use word wallpaper or picture wallpaper.

The regular way to decorate your stairs is add some art on the wall. You can add a series of personal photos or family photos, or you may make interesting gallery on the wall. Choose good frame to put your photos.

If your stairs is open, you can have a railing or fence. This can give a new structure to decorate. You can use the railing to be decorated with decoration such as lights decorative or the other. That’s some stair decorations for you.