French Home Decor ideas

French home decor can be applied very typical for your home. This French style decor is a blend of Mediterranean style so keep creating a warm and colorful atmosphere. You do not need to spend much money to buy accessories from France as decorations because you can create yourself to make decorations that characterized French.

First, French people known as someone who likes to decorate the house with a display. They usually will put the object on the table, the living room, above the fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and even the garden. Display objects that are related to your hobby. If you are a fan of traveling, display souvenirs from each region you’ve visited.

Both in French home decor use historic objects. You will see the French house decorated with historic objects either private collections or collections of hereditary family owned. In addition, they also collect furniture or works of art belonging to a particular artist.

Third, French-style home decor style does look similar, but do not mean always the same French-style house. They love to create decor with a specific theme as the theme to their liking or appropriate ongoing season.

Fourth, France and some other countries in Europe happy decorate the house with beautiful candles that have a fragrant and colorful.

The fifth, The French are also fond of gardening that is not most homes have a home page that is planted with fruit trees and small plants.

Finally, you can create a French home decor from several collections of books, because French people have even bookshelves separate reading room because they love reading books.