Bathroom Decoration for Kids Ideas

Not only decorating the living room or bedroom to watch, bathroom decoration also cannot be done carelessly. Teach your child about standard responsibility when they are in the bathroom. Kids bathroom must become inspiration and fun place for them to grow and learn.

Here are six tips bathroom decoration for children:

Create color background colors, use colored toiletries. In addition, choose waterproof wallpaper, or you can paint it with waterproof paint.

The walls are easy to clean, so as toilets, sinks, bathtubs and easy to clean, ideally using a ceramic wall tile, beadboard panels, and scrubbable wall paint.

There is enough light, lighting does not have to come from the light. You can add a vent hole to make way for incoming sunlight during the day.

Supplies for children, toiletries choose to draw the attention of the child. You can choose soap with a unique shape or with fruit smell, tooth brush unique, unique scoop, etc.

Budget , set your financial budget by considering a model decorations that you want.

The selection of themes on bathroom decoration, if you know how to decorate your child’s bathroom, considers choosing a theme that they enjoy. Of animals, sports, and fun activities, to their favorite cartoon characters and favorite colors, the choice is unlimited.