Modern Small House Architecture Design Tips for Your Big Desire

In this world nothing is impossible. The sentence also applies for those of you who have a small house but want to have a modern architectural design. The days of discouraged because your house is small but big your desire to have a modern home. Any tips? Do not worry, because I will be sharing modern small house architecture design tips here.
Narrow area means you have a narrow place to build a house. If you wish to build a house with a modern architecture, you can build it with 2 floors.
In addition to maximizing the modern architectural design that will make your home enchanting, 2-story design will also help you accommodate your activities at home.
For modern small house architecture design, you can choose the theme of your home. Modern glass architecture or modern wooden architecture. Choose according to your tastes and budget.
To obtain a broad impression, you can maximize the use of glass and do not be too much to make the bulkhead. You can use a book shelf that you can use for a room divider and sweetener room. Use kitchen bar to bring simplicity and saves space in your home.
If your budget allows, you can build underground garages. If your budget is mediocre, do not worry. There is no problem that there is no solution. Including modern small house architecture design.