Interior design kitchen modern ideas

Modern interior design kitchen is one of the most popular rooms of interior design. It is also one of the most expensive rooms to redesign. Many people are trying to do it themselves to remodeling their kitchen. However, if you choose to rent an interior designer then be prepared to spend more money.

Whether you do it yourself or rent a designer to interior design kitchen, careful planning is required to achieve the effect you are looking for in the design. If you do it yourself you should be aware of some of the biggest mistakes made by homeowners when redesigning their kitchen.

One of the mistakes in interior design kitchen does not take advantage of the storage space in the kitchen. There should be about 48-72 inches of cabinets for dishes and glasses in the sink and dishwasher for convenience. There should be about 48-72 inches of closet space near your oven to hold cooking dishes and supplies. Closet floor or base your cabinets have to be placed in the near of the stove for pots and pans. If you are planning to have a complete interior design, better do it yourself or ask a professional, make sure you get your plan in writing before the start of the transformation of your kitchen into something you see on television programs.