Irreplaceable Hallmark of Old World Architecture Home Design

Old world architecture home design – “I can’t renovate my house with a modern architecture.” Reveal my coworkers. “Why?” I asked in astonishment. “My house is an old house, and the legacy of their parents. Too bad if broken down and replaced with modern architecture”. He answered.
Do not let you have the same fate as my friend. The old house is not an excuse to show a modern look. I gave these tips to my friends.
Maintain a hallmark of your old world architecture home design. The old house you do not need to be broken down if you want to bring modern impression. Maintain a hallmark of your home. Give a touch of modern architecture in some parts.
For example: The roof, let the roof forms of your old house. Wall also, let your old wall quirk stood firm. Paint with new paint to make it look more beautiful. For windows, you can still use the old windows and doors. Or if you want to feel new, you can replace it with a more modern design.
To the park, to help you bring modern impression, you can design with a modern garden with modern pool in front of your house. The exterior lighting is one of supporting a modern impression. Choose lighting that supports your house does not seem so old and boring.
For the interior, you can replace your home with modern drapery. Choose a sofa with strong and firm characteristics as the icon of your living room. You can bring a modern look in your bedroom using modern chandelier or a new canopy curtains. Do not waste your rocking chair at home. Because it would be an irreplaceable hallmark of old world architecture home design.